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Bob bichowsky memorial service award

This annual award is presented during our August Seminar Day. It is in memory of the late Robert Bichowsky, a long time consulting arborist, an active past member and President of our professional tree care association.


"Outstanding knowledge of arboriculture, unflagging perseverance and selfless dedication to our industry"

2020 Recipient - Stan Baczynski

The nominations for this year have been assembled, ranked and reviewed. The consensus is that we have a clear winner. This year’s recipient has been a PTCA member for many years. He has been and still is a strong voice for local tree issues as well as continuing his service on our Board of Directors for many years. He has been a resource for those who have questions about trees and careers. Some of you will remember him as the organizer and arm twister for volunteers to represent our organization at the San Diego County Fair. Prior to his retirement, he worked in the municipal sector for the Port of San Diego. As a Certified Arborist, part of his job as project inspector was to oversee tree maintenance contracts around the waterfront parks. He also has been instrumental organizing several of the Pesticide safety seminars held and sponsored by the Port of San Diego. In recognition of his continual service, our recipient this year is Stan Baczynski.

Congratulations, Stan!


2010 - Robert Walton
2011 - Alden Pedersen
2012 - Dave Shaw

2013 - Dan Simpson

2014 - Rich Magargal

2015 - Bob Squibb

2016 - Ron Matranga

2017 - Harvey Pedersen

2018 - Pete Ryken

2019 - Steve Hooker

2020 - Stan Baczynski

DECEMBER, 2019 - PTCA Receives SDUFC Urban Forestry Education Award 

The annual San Diego Regional Ur­ban Forest Council's awards and holi­day celebration was held on Monday, December 9, at the Emiliano’s Mexican Restaurant on Mission Gorge Road. The Council recognized local professionals and community members for their local contributions to urban forestry.

Among the awardees, the PTCA was recognized with the award for Best Urban Forestry Educational Project. Nominated by Mike Palat (West Coast Arborists), the PTCA was honored for its annual Seminar and Field Day, an event that is regularly attended by more than 300 crew workers and managers.

From SDRUFC, "PTCA was organized in 1985 to improve the region’s qual­ity of life and make urban forests safer through education and proper tree care. PTCA has 80 active members, and is to be commended for educating lo­cal tree care professionals in the latest arboriculture research and information at monthly meetings and the annual seminar."  

Dan Simpson accepted the award on behalf of the PTCA.

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